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Advice and Tips for Plotholders

New Plotholders

Please refer to the plot inspections document you have been given for the levels of cultivation you are expected to achieve during your first year of tenancy.

The document also clarifies what is meant by
cultivation and when plot inspections will take place

Fruit trees are the only trees that may be planted on the plot and you are encouraged to plant dwarf root stock varieties.

You will find it easier to prepare your plot one section at a time.
An area of 2 metres by 2 metres is suggested as a good area for each section of your plot.
Once you have weeded and dug an area, either plant it ,or if it is not planting season, cover it with weed suppressant or carpet and move on to the next section.
Don’t forget that there are crops that can be planted in the autumn

Please be aware of the rules in the tenancy agreement on the use of weed killers:

Although the use of Glyphosate weed killer is not banned its use is discouraged
For tough perennial weeds e.g. bindweed or couch grass it is important that you remove every little bit as they can easily regrow

Dispose of weeds separately from your compost heap

Your neighbouring plotholders will be happy to offer guidance and advice on cultivating your plot or you can contact the committee on

Please ensure that the paths surrounding your plot are mown and any overhanging tree branches are trimmed back. No fences are allowed around a plot
The installation of water barrels on plots is encouraged

It is worthwhile purchasing or borrowing from the library a book or books on growing vegetables and fruit all of which offer step by step guides on preparing planting and nurturing your plot
Some recommended books which are all available on Amazon or Ebay are

RHS Step by Step Vegetable Patch
Approx £15

Allotment Month by Month
Approx £12

The Complete Allotment Guide
Approx £9

Allotment Gardening for Dummies
Approx £13

Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden Growing Fruit
Approx £6

All these books are available preowned on Ebay at much cheaper prices

Tool Sharpening

Surrey Sharpeners offer sharpening services for a varied range of garden tools

23 Whitestone Way
CR0 4W
Tel: 07469942841
Website -

Surrey Sharpeners are available on site on the annual open day

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